Our Story

The Khushbu Project started in 2011 as an education project to serve vulnerable migrant women and their families in Zamrudpur Village, Delhi, India. Mothers in the community wanted to learn how to read and write, but did not have the resources or opportunity to achieve this dream. Being migrants from poor rural communities in India, with no formal education and low social status, these women faced exploitation and abuse that made it challenging to thrive in an urban environment and sufficiently provide for their families. Women worked long hours as domestic help and came home exhausted to then care for the needs of their own families. While carving out time in their day was sometimes difficult, despite these barriers the women dedicated themselves to their own education so that they could in turn equip their children and invest in their children's future.  

Beginning with weekly literacy classes led by volunteers, women mastered reading and writing in English and Hindi and basic arithmetic. The project quickly expanded to include jewelry making, self help savings groups, forums on social justice, and after school tutoring for children. These activities enabled women and their children to learn new skills, develop social support, and understand basic human rights. 

With limited education and employable skills, women in Zamrudpur struggle to find descent jobs; others are forbidden to work outside the home, making it very difficult to take care of the needs of their families.

By providing a workspace in Zamrudpur, we create a convenient and accessible place for women to learn how to sew and block print. Being in close proximity to their homes, they are able to come and learn new skills while still meeting the needs of their families. Once women are trained by The Khushbu Project, they can then start making products for the khushbu:brand and earn needed income for their families. 

As Khushbu has evolved, we remain committed to our vision of seeing vulnerable women and their families in Zamrudpur flourish socially and economically. Each product purchased from khushbu:brand helps us provide women in Zamrudpur an opportunity to learn something new, provide for their families, and be a member of a supportive community. 

Come join us by visiting our workshop, buying khushbu:brand products, and sharing our story with others. 

Warm regards,
The Khushbu Team