Meet Our Artisans

Rani joined Khushbu four years ago. Because she has some ongoing health issues her family was unable to bear, she budgets her earnings from Khushbu for medical care. In addition to being empowered in her health, the sense of community and friendship she finds at Khushbu adds another layer of emotional support, in addition to practical help. 


Although, Reena is a college-educated in economics, her husband hindered her from working outside the home until she found Khushbu. The flexible work and pay per piece schedule, coupled with the safe environment, gave him the confidence to allow her to work. Before Khushbu, she said she never had a bank account, now she is happy to be earning and saving.

Sudha was working as a housemaid when she was introduced to Khushbu . Her children were enrolled in a partner program that offered free daycare to vulnerable children. After joining Khushbu, she became especially adept at block printing and creating new prints.   In addition to being able to provide for her 3  children,  Sudha feels a sense of pride  when her customers buy her designs.

Self confidence

Poonam and her husband first moved 300 km ( 180 miles ) to Delhi because her son was sick and there was not a doctor in their village. Having only a 5th grade education, she enrolled in a partner program that taught Hindi, English, and Math; and was then introduced to Khushbu. After being trained at Khushbu, she realized that she has a natural gifting for and enjoys sewing.

Training and skills

Neeraj has 2 children, ages 8 and 11.  Khushbu allows mothers to bring their children to work, so she can earn an income without sacrificing their care. She knew how to use a manual sewing machine in the village, but was trained to sew with electricity and was thrilled to see her first profit only 20 days after joining Khushbu.