Creating Destiny

Sudha was sitting at the park, the weight of the world on her shoulders. With a newborn baby and a toddler, juggling her job as a housemaid was not working out.  They couldn't survive on their small income before, much less now that they had little ones. How could the wife of a migrant worker with no education create a better future for her children? It couldn't be done alone, she needed the help of destiny.  

Destiny- that divine direction that leads to a better tomorrow, one step at a time. It  was found for Sudha that day on the park bench when she met someone from Superseeds, a community group offering free daycare.  Offering struggling women daycare opened up the groups' eyes to the real needs of women like Sudha. They decided to expand their care network by starting a social business block printing and sewing. Their mission: making meaningful things.  

Sudha was able to work as a maid, while earning extra income through Khushbu Brand. She was able to save up for herself and her family. For the first time, she experienced financial freedom and empowered. Moreover, their flexibility allowed her to prioritize her children's care.  

Encouragement, supportive community, knowledge and  practical solutions were all elements  needed to create  a different  destiny for this family who had so much value hidden behind difficult circumstances. And that is what it means to create meaningful things, more than just a purse or customized block printed gift, opportunities to learn a new skill and remove  obstacles means open doors to better futures.  

Destiny was not granted by a magic wand or special grant, but through the thoughtfulness of customers who understand investing in people's lives provides hope. And hope does not  disappoint, it leads to creating opportunities, resources, and options; one bag at a time. Won't you be part of someone's destiny by sharing this story with others who want to be a simple encouragement to women caught in the cycle of poverty? Simple purchases; meaningfully creating destiny. 


Contributed by Heather Morse, founder of The Be-Loved Group